What Am I Doing?

So, I had a thought. That thought was to set-up a WordPress blog, as I had nothing else to do – right? I know… This is just setting up another project for me, but that’s what I love. Projects. I have to stay busy. An Idol Mind is the Devil’s Playground.

I do not want to use this space to promote my current goodies, although that will likely happen down the road, as I just can’t help but share. Yet, my desire for this blog is a bit different. Here, I want to share my thoughts, visions, and ideas with you – my take on writing, on entertainment, and on the world. I won’t use this space for political intentions – this shall be a getaway from that for you.

Subscribe and keep an eye out here for my views on the world around me. You might find reviews of both literary and film, theories on worldwide issues and perhaps issues beyond our world, catty commentary about events and award shows, and insights into the music that makes me happy and might make you happy too.

Check back often. I hope to see you around!

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